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Can having a Headliner Really Increase a Theater Company's Brand?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

(Photo of Bishop Antonio Lawson Founder and Director of True Believers Productions LLC.)

Since starting True Believers Productions I have been writing and producing stage plays in the Memphis TN area for over 11 years. I have produced several hit plays in the local market such as "Devil I am Not For Sale" Starring Bishop Lawson as Rev. Zach, JRock the Actor as Jordan, and Jada McDougle as Jada; "Meemaw's Ratchet BBQ" Starring Trinia Lawson as Meemaw, Rochelle Fields as Niece, Chantell Lawson as Tasha, and Mike Love as Tim; "Another Christmas Temptation" starring Mariah Michelle as Delores Montgomery, Sherman Edgerson as Brian Montgomery, and JRock the Actor as Chazera.

Overall, I feel that each of the plays was successful. Without tooting my own horn, I feel that they were masterfully written and directed by yours truly and presented before audiences with all the bells and whistles that I and our team have become known to do. Along with my team, we have picked from some of the best Actors in Memphis, and have watched my vision come to life. Audiences have been thoroughly impressed time and time again. This comes to my question "Can having a headliner really increase a theater's brand?"

The answer to that question is not as easy as it seems. Let's see, what makes a headliner a headliner? TB Productions will have our first headliner during this year's Christmas Production of Another Christmas Temptation which will hit the stage December 15-17 at Lake Grove Baptist Church 265 Leath Street, Memphis TN. The headliner is Grammy Award Nominated Actor and Singer Anthony Tony Grant from Los Angeles California. Tony Grant comes to Memphis with a wealth of stage experience as well as the accolades of being the lead singer of the Most Famous singing group of all time, The Temptations. But back to my question, What makes a headliner a headliner?

(photo: advertisement of Tony Grant for the Stage Play "Another Christmas Temptation")

When asking that question online the answer comes back as the biggest star on stage in a given production. Tony Grant is by far the biggest star that will be on stage come December 15, but what makes him a star? In this case, it is clear, it is contributed to the experience gained over his 20-plus years in the industry, and who he has worked with in the past. Tony Grant has worked with one of the best, if not the best, playwrights in the business currently. That Playwright is none other than Tyler Perry. What a resume booster for sure! Tyler Perry has put on some of the best Stage Plays and has worked with some of the best in the business. So when Mr. Grant comes to Memphis to work with me, will my name on his resume boost his stats or will his name on my resume boost mine. Only one way to know, come to the Stage Play "Another Christmas Temptation" during our production December 15-17 at Lake Grove Baptist Church. Then we can answer the question together, "Can having a headliner in our cast really increase our brand? I hope so!

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